Water pump drive Stage6 R/T - Piaggio

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If you’re building a Piaggio racing engine, it is paramount to change the system to a pre-defined oil-fuel ratio in order to get rid of the original oil pump, which is prone to fail. The Stage6 water pump increases efficiency – with higher cooling power and lower expenditure to drive the pump.

An ultralight CNC-milled, orange anodized aluminum gear wheel improves power delivery (the original wheel weighs a full 117g!). Different from other systems, the gear is screwed directly to the water pump shaft instead of fitted to the oil pump base plate, which once more reduces weight and makes changing the water pump drive belt easier.

In addition to a CNC-machined drive wheel, 2 high-quality bearings and an oil seal, the complete kit also includes a meticulously milled water pump impeller to achieve exceptionally high precision.

Available at: Motoscoot

Bomba de agua Stage6 R/T - Piaggio

Water pump drive Stage6 R/T - Piaggio
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